The LCBC is an educational consortium that aims to expose a broad range of minds at every level of training to the field of cancer research, with the goal of fostering a multidisciplinary perspective – encouraging innovative, non-traditional ideas that often result from integrating diverse types of expertise.

Cancer research represents an international priority in the biomedical sciences, and an area of conspicuous strength at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School. Major advances in both the tools available for basic discovery and applied science, and in our fundamental understanding of this complex disease, present our scientific community with unprecedented opportunities for discovery. As such, the LCBC aims to leverage the diverse expertise of the entire Harvard community by integrating students from various disciplines into the cancer research community, in order to foster collaborative problem solving.

Cancer biology is an ideal focus for a cross-campus consortium, not only because it remains a national priority for research that reflects conspicuous strengths across the Harvard landscape, but importantly, because this area of science is intrinsically interdisciplinary and integrative. Thus the LCBC provides a powerful mechanism to align the strengths of our institution and promote future synergy in understanding and treating cancer.

Fueled by a generous gift to FAS on behalf of Kevin Landry, this consortium will foster collaborative and multi-disciplinary research and aims to impact students at the undergraduate, graduate, and medical school levels.